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MusclePrime DP is a fast curing, cost-effective, 2-component waterborne epoxy primer intended for use as a clear or field pigmented primer or concrete sealer coat. It can be used as a standard primer under most MuscleGloss flooring or wall systems. MusclePrime DP can be used as a direct to prepared concrete finish sealer where low or no topical film build is desired or as a pre-primer under other MuscleGloss primers/coatings where extreme bond strength is required due to poor substrate conditions.

For best results, apply MusclePrime DP in thin coats and do not allow it to pool in cracks, spall joints, etc.

• Waterborne with no strong odors
• Excellent Adhesion to a variety of substrates
• Penetrates deeply into prepared concrete substrate for low film build
• Solvent-free
• Able to be field pigmented with Colorants
• Fast drying time



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