How to Repair Lifting Epoxy

To find out why your epoxy may be lifting, read our recent Installer Tip, 4 Causes of Epoxy Lifting and How to Prevent. If the epoxy is peeling in isolated areas, the cause is likely oil or grease stains. To repair the issue, first key the areas with a sharp utility knife or portable saw. […]


New Epoxy Starter Training Kits

Dealers (and those of you who may be interested in becoming a MuscleGloss Dealer), we often get calls from you asking us for advice on how to go about doing a specific project. We’re always, always happy to help you get started! That being said, the absolute best way to tackle any new project is […]


Motor Muscle Aerosol Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss’s Motor Muscle Aerosol*  is a degreaser for cleaning engines, industrial machinery and concrete surfaces. Motor Muscle’s thick foam clings to even vertical surfaces. Our product features a strong directional spray for getting into hard to reach places. Motor Muscle will self-indicate when it’s ready to be flushed clean. When it’s ready to be removed, […]

motor muscle aerosol product spotlight

The Importance of Finding Your Specialties

What makes you unique? How can you set yourself apart from every other contractor out there? Let’s say you’re already an epoxy guy. Think about what you do better than your competition. Are you great at making custom patterns or installing epoxy over counter tops? If you don’t know what that is, think about the […]

the importance of finding your specialties

How to Clean Concrete with No Drain

MuscleGloss is currently working on a project located in a basement. The concrete is old and very dirty. There are no drains and no running water. We decided to use Extreme Clean and needed to figure out the best way to wash it off when we were done. Usually, it’s easiest to spray Extreme Clean […]

how to clean concrete with no drain

Why Starting with a Clean Floor is Important

We are always telling you that surface preparation is 90% of the work when you’re applying epoxy. It truly can make a difference between an application that will fail and one that will last for a long time. This is because MuscleGloss epoxy is only as strong as the bond adhering it to whatever surface […]


Does Changing the Mix Ratio Change the Cure Time?

Does changing the mix ratio change the cure time? NO! MuscleGloss is already premeasured for the correct mix ratio, and we do not recommend playing around with this because even a small change in the ratio could result in problems or total product failure. There are ways for us to alter the work time” the […]

Can You Apply MuscleGloss Epoxy to Tiles?

Can you apply MuscleGloss to vinyl and ceramic tiles? Yes, providing that the area is untreated and the surface has been cleaned and sanded prior to application you can apply MuscleGloss to both vinyl and ceramic tiles. Do you have a question for MuscleGloss? Please submit your question to We will answer right away. […]

can you apply muscle gloss to tiles

How to Create an Epoxy Checkerboard Pattern

If you have not came across this pattern yet, it is likely you will soon. The checkerboard pattern is a great way to transform a garage or basement space, and is gaining popularity among homeowners. Creating this pattern does take some extra effort and can be challenging, but the results are well worth it. Continue […]

how to create an epoxy checkerboard

In What Situations Will MuscleGloss Not Adhere to a Concrete Floor?

In what situations would MuscleGloss not adhere to a concrete floor? Foreign substances saturated within the concrete will interfere with the bond between the floor and the epoxy. Existing coatings that aren’t adhering properly to the floor will cause the epoxy to not adhere to the floor. If our epoxy is placed over an existing […]