Protect and Seal Product Spotlight

Protect and Seal is a penetrating sealer and conditioner for concrete and terrazzo surfaces. This product will prevent efflorescence” that chalky white residue that occurs when cement-based materials are exposed to water. Protect and Seal will provide slip resistance. This product dries to a clear finish and will not yellow. Can be applied to: New […]


3 Must Have Tools for Installers

Here are a few tools you may not have thought of: Moisture Testing Devices If you’re not already conducting concrete moisture tests, you need to start. I don’t mean just the plastic sheet test either (this test is a good starting point but will not provide definitive answers). Being proactive about potential moisture issues will […]

3 must have tools for installers

Announcing New Dealer Advertising Materials

We’ve made two new additions to our dealer marketing support offerings. If you’re not sure about what we already offer, check out the post Are You Utilizing MuscleGloss’s Marketing Support for Dealers? Lawn Signs At your request, MuscleGloss will provide you with yard signs for completed jobs (see the above photo). These signs are great […]


Applying Multiple Coats of Epoxy: What to Know

Most MuscleGloss epoxy applications only require one coat. For most residential areas, one coat is all that’s needed. We do recommend using multiple coats in commercial or industrial areas that see heavy traffic, for example, in airplane hangars. We also recommend our UV Top Coat for areas that receive heavy sunlight. In any case, whenever […]

what you need to know about multiple coats of epoxy

Asphalt Top Coat Product Spotlight

Summer is quickly coming to an end! Now is a great time to consider sealing your asphalt- before the cold weather sets in. Low temperatures can cause asphalt to contract and crack. This can lead to expensive repairs and reduced lifespan of the asphalt. MuscleGloss’s Asphalt Top Coat will seal hairline cracks and prevent further […]


New Floor for a Michigan Winery

MuscleGloss recently paid a visit to the new Blue Water Winery in Lexington, MI. The winery is actually the old Lexington Town Hall and has been granted historical status by the state of Michigan. The structure was built in 1876 and the 1st two floors were owned by the village, the first floor being a […]

new floor for a michigan winery