5 Reasons to Consider Polymer Flooring Systems

Since the late 1990’s American homeowners have been converting garage and basement spaces into nicely decorated and usable spaces. What was once designed to be storage space has become one of the fastest-growing segments in residential construction. Here are five reasons to consider polymer flooring systems:   1. Improves Property Value Like finished flooring within […]

polymer flooring systems

5 Vital Keys to a Long-lasting Epoxy Garage Floor

There are 5 vital keys between a painted floor and a long-lasting epoxy masterpiece like those installed by MuscleGloss. For decades now many homeowners have decided to turn their garages from a place to park vehicles and store items, to high-end workshops and man caves. Whether you are looking for a complete garage makeover, or […]

long-lasting epoxy garage floor

Tire Marks: Why Are They on My New Garage Floor?

Have you ever wondered why you find tire marks on your new garage floor? In the late 1940’s Michelin tire started to develop a replacement material to the natural rubber being used in the manufacturing process of the automotive tire.  By 1968 almost 80% of all automotive tires had some concentrate of SBR (styrene-butadiene). This […]

tire marks garage floor

Evaluating Concrete for Epoxy Flooring

The only two things we know for sure about concrete are: it gets hard and it cracks. Evaluating concrete is essential as no two slabs of concrete are the same. The variation in the aggregate, the sand, cement to water ratio along with several other factors will determine the exact hardness of this. In order […]


Why Didn’t I Get the Listed Coverage?

  Epoxy coverages can be a tricky thing. One project will get great coverage while another project the next day will get less using the same color. Many factors can contribute to this – we call it annoyance (not necessarily a problem). Rough Concrete: While epoxy needs a rough surface to adhere to, it is […]


MuscleStop Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss is happy to announce the release of MuscleStop— a must use primer for all oil and grease saturated surfaces. Our contractors often run into situations where there are oil or grease stains in the concrete and they need a proper solution to treat those areas. MuscleStop is that solution! It penetrates deeply into the surface […]


How to Make a Glitter Epoxy Floor

Glitter floors look awesome, and are a great specialty to add to your offerings. Read a little about finding your specialties here. There are a couple of ways to go about making a glitter floor- depending on what you want the final results to look like (floor color, type and color of glitter). A little […]

gold glitter floor

You Need to Remove that Old Epoxy Paint

Working with a floor that has old epoxy on it can be a pain. However, if you’re going to install a new epoxy floor, you absolutely must completely remove the old floor first! Epoxy is only as strong as the surface it is adhered to. If you put new epoxy over an old floor, the […]


How to Choke an Epoxy Floor with Fleck

This technique produces a sharp, finished result. Choking with fleck means that you are going to put enough fleck on the floor so that none of the color below shows through. Here is an overview of this simple technique: Apply the epoxy. Since the epoxy color is going to be hidden by the fleck it […]

how to choke an epoxy floor with fleck

Should I Use a Prep Solution or Grinder to Prepare the Floor?

Should I use a prep solution or grinder to prepare the floor? Mechanical grinding methods are hands-down the best way to prepare a concrete floor for any epoxy application. They are best because they are able to profile the floor more aggressively than prep solutions. Three common grinding tools are shot blasters, scarifiers, and grinders. […]


Glitter Floor with Clear MuscleGloss Epoxy

Glitter epoxy floors are quickly gaining popularity. Depending on how you want your final results to look, there are a couple different ways to do a glitter epoxy application. This post will just cover one of those methods. Check back later for more on glitter epoxy! Note that this method should only be used with […]

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Referrals have always been an important part of the contractor business” they can and do make up a good deal of many businesses’ revenues. How much work do you think you would be getting if every client you have served over the past five years referred at least one new client once, or one new […]