With MuscleGloss epoxy floor coating solutions, you’ll spend less time cleaning your brewery and more time brewing! Our on-site chemist has formulated an extensive line of epoxy flooring solutions to withstand acids and protect against spills. Our epoxy flooring is extremely easy to clean and available in many colors and non-slip formulas.

Facilities Management

When it comes to facilities management, MuscleGloss is the undefeated industry leader for indoor and outdoor solutions – showcasing an extensive line of epoxy products including: surface treatment solutions for indoor and outdoor surfaces, as well as industrial janitorial, winter hazard, patching products, and general cleaning products.

Pet Resort/Clinics

MuscleGloss understands how valuable an easy-to-clean flooring solution is for the pet industry. We set the industry standard for durable, long-lasting epoxy flooring proven to protect against urine stains and scratches. Our epoxy flooring products are affordable, easy to apply, and require minimal cure time to reduce downtime.

Commercial Environments

MuscleGloss commercial-grade epoxy flooring solutions are formulated tough to handle any work environment. Affordable, durable, and easy to clean, our epoxy flooring is ideal for a wide range of commercial applications. Our epoxy is easy to apply and requires minimal cure time for less downtime – allowing you to return to business-as-usual faster. Also, there are no VOCs in our epoxy which allows installation in areas adjacent to working environments.

Airplane Hangars

MuscleGloss goes beyond easy-to-apply and fast cure time to provide airplane hangars durable, long-lasting epoxy flooring solutions designed to withstand heavy traffic, chemical staining, and hot tires. Our epoxy flooring products maximize protection and reduce downtime. MuscleGloss systems provide a stunning high gloss finish that increases light reflectivity and provides a clean, elegant look in your hangar space.


Manufacturing facilities take a beating; even the smallest crack in a concrete floor can be a costly liability. MuscleGloss long-lasting epoxy flooring solutions are designed with manufacturing facilities in mind – making application easier and cure time faster to minimize downtime, improve efficiency, and eliminate unsafe work environments. MuscleGloss protects floor surfaces from the heavy industrial traffic your plant, shop or warehouse experiences on a daily basis. From heavy forklift traffic, foot traffic and heavy machines, MuscleGloss has your facility covered. MuscleGloss can also be used for safety lines, and safety color coded for all areas of your plant.