Asphalt Repair Product Spotlight

Water and winter take their toll on asphalt. Now that we’re past the final winter thaw, it’s a great time to get started on making repairs to your asphalt. At low temperatures asphalt contracts. This shrinking is what causes cracks and holes to form. Once a crack has formed, it will only get larger until […]

Announcing New Dealer Website Badges and Banners

We’re excited to announce new dealer badges and banners for displaying on your website. Using our official badge or banner will allow you to showcase your partnership with MuscleGloss and increase your image of professionalism. Badges will reflect your dealer level (silver, gold or platinum). To get your badge or banner, logon to the dealer […]

MuscleGloss Sales Office

  We have been at our new office for just under a year now, and as we prepare for the busy season here, we would like to remind you of all the ways you can take advantage of our new office location! The new office has allowed us to streamline the shipping process, making ground […]


Muscle Forge Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss’s Muscle Forge is our floor repair solution for high temperature areas. Our product will hold up to 3100°F with less than 1% of linear change. Muscle Forge can be used for repairing, patching and resurfacing concrete. Use on/around: Furnaces Cast houses Iron cupolas Any other areas of hot metal spillage Features: Ten times harder […]


Muscle Guard Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss’s Muscle Guard is our one-component epoxy enamel coating. This high-gloss product is available in black, white, sand, beige and handicap blue. You must wait at least 30 days to apply this product to new concrete or masonry. Use on: Interior or exterior surfaces Concrete Metal Wood Plaster Masonry Ideal for: Factories Warehouses Showrooms Service […]


Vertical Patch Product Spotlight

Do you have a vertical or inverted surface that needs repaired? MuscleGloss’s Vertical Patch may be the product you’re looking for. Vertical Patch is our solution to vertical or inverted areas that need patching. This product can also be used to build up thickness, smooth motar joint lines, and to fill in cracks in cinder […]


Meet Josh

Many of you have probably already meet or spoken with Josh. Recently, Josh sat down with us for an interview. MG: What is your typical day like? JM: On any given day I may be helping contractors with projects they are working on, giving advice to end-user clients, finding solutions for construction projects, or working […]


Muscle Lock From MuscleGloss

MuscleGloss manufacturers a wide range of epoxies and sealers. Muscle Lock is one of those products that works well on a variety of surface including terrazzo, wood blocks, rubber tile, vinyl tile, concrete floor, linoleum and many others. Muscle Lock will not steak or puddle and dries to a self polishing shine in 20 – […]

Muscle Grip Anti-Skid

Many of our flooring jobs are spec-ed with a anti-skid agent and Muscle Grip is the perfect choice where an anti-skid is needed. Muscle Grip is mixed directly into the MuscleGloss part A and part B mixture and will provide your floor surface with a proper anti-skid while still drying to an attractive high gloss […]

MuscleGloss Liquid Ice Melter

MuscleGloss Liquid Ice Melter has been a hot item to start off the new year and based on all the ice & snow there has been in this freezing winter it is not surprising. So if you are pulling into your work or home and you have a lot of slush, ice and snow that […]