MuscleStop Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss is happy to announce the release of MuscleStop— a must use primer for all oil and grease saturated surfaces. Our contractors often run into situations where there are oil or grease stains in the concrete and they need a proper solution to treat those areas. MuscleStop is that solution! It penetrates deeply into the surface […]


UV Top Coat Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss’s UV Top Coat is our high-gloss topcoat for epoxy flooring. You do not need to apply UV Top Coat to have a successful epoxy install. However, there are a few situations we recommend applying UV Top Coat for added benefits: Areas that receive a lot of direct sunlight. Applying UV Top Coat will protect […]

uv top coat product spotlight

Muscle Strip Product Spotlight

Muscle Strip* is our fast-acting solution for removing cured paints, varnishes and epoxies from metal, concrete and wood surfaces. We offer Muscle Strip in two configurations: Muscle Strip Liquid is recommended for soaking metal parts, tools and materials. Muscle Strip Gel is thick and will stick on uneven or vertical surfaces. We recommend using Muscle […]

muscle strip product spotlight

New Epoxy Starter Training Kits

Dealers (and those of you who may be interested in becoming a MuscleGloss Dealer), we often get calls from you asking us for advice on how to go about doing a specific project. We’re always, always happy to help you get started! That being said, the absolute best way to tackle any new project is […]


Motor Muscle Aerosol Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss’s Motor Muscle Aerosol*  is a degreaser for cleaning engines, industrial machinery and concrete surfaces. Motor Muscle’s thick foam clings to even vertical surfaces. Our product features a strong directional spray for getting into hard to reach places. Motor Muscle will self-indicate when it’s ready to be flushed clean. When it’s ready to be removed, […]

motor muscle aerosol product spotlight

Extreme Patch Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss’s Extreme Patch is a permanent solution for fixing cracks and holes. If you’re a dealer or re-seller, it’s a great product to consider adding to your offerings. Commonly, Extreme Patch is used in plants, factories and warehouses. However, it can be used on any concrete, wood or steel flooring that needs refinished or resurfaced. […]

extreme patch product spotlight

MuscleShield Product Spotlight

Muscle Shield is a silicone rubber sealer. If you’re a dealer or reseller, it’s a great product to consider adding to your line of offerings. Muscle Shield is especially useful for waterproofing outdoor surfaces. However, the uses and benefits of this product are wide-ranging. Muscle Shield can be used on various surfaces for numerous reasons. […]

muscle shield product spotlight 2

Do you have areas that are impossible to keep clean?

Many of you may have started your spring cleaning for your business or home and many of you have been smart enough to apply MuscleGloss to your floor to further keep your area clean. This is a great time of year to use our cleaner/degreaser Extreme Clean for all your cleaning needs. Extreme Clean uses […]

MuscleCut Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss’s Muscle Cut* is a heavy-duty synthetic lubricant. This product is designed to be used in the machining of all steels and performs well with copper alloys-copper alloys should be cleaned after machining to eliminate the possibility of staining. Use for: Tapping and drilling Turning, boring and sawing Lathes and milling Grinding Features: Built in […]


Extreme Clean Product Spotlight

Extreme Clean is an all-purpose emulsifier. Our product is both safe and highly effective. This powerful, all-purpose cleaner is also non-flammable, non-acidic, non-abrasive and non-caustic. If you’re a dealer or reseller, Extreme Clean would be great to add to your offerings. This product is designed to remove and clean a wide variety of substances and […]

extreme clean product spotlight

MuscleEase Product Spotlight

Muscle Ease* gives you the best of both worlds- it is a penetrating lubricant that can loosen nuts and bolts and also dissolves rust! This product works by displacing moisture while simultaneously lubricating. Muscle Ease can clear sludge, dirt, and grease while loosening and dissolving rust. This product easily penetrates countersunk threads. Uses: Frozen battery […]


MuscleLock Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss’s Muscle Lock is a metal, acrylic co-polymer finish. This product is 28% solids. Muscle Lock preserves and protects floor surfaces, cutting down on recoating and maintenance costs. Use on: Asphalt tile Vinyl tile Rubber tile Terrazzo Wood block Concrete floors Features: Highly resistant to abrasion Resists detergents Non-yellowing Non-streaking Preserves colors Application: Old wax […]