Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Referrals have always been an important part of the contractor business” they can and do make up a good deal of many businesses’ revenues. How much work do you think you would be getting if every client you have served over the past five years referred at least one new client once, or one new […]

Remember to Check Up on Former Clients

There are a handful of reasons why you should check in with your former clients: To check how your completed work is holding up and to make sure they are still satisfied with the job you’ve done. If there is something small about the project that isn’t quite right, they may not bother calling you […]


Do You Know Who Is Buying from You?

One important consideration we often forget to stop and think about is “who are our customers?” Just thinking about what you’re selling and who would find it useful can give you a lot of insight into who your customers are and how you can find more of them. Here’s what I know about you. You’re […]

The Importance of Finding Your Specialties

What makes you unique? How can you set yourself apart from every other contractor out there? Let’s say you’re already an epoxy guy. Think about what you do better than your competition. Are you great at making custom patterns or installing epoxy over counter tops? If you don’t know what that is, think about the […]

the importance of finding your specialties

Why You Should Have a Google+ Page

Google+ is an especially great tool for small businesses and contractors. Having a Google+ page helps people searching online find your business, and (hopefully) contact you. How? Well, Google+ ties into Google Maps, which, many people use when looking for businesses near them. Google+ is also currently the king of Search Engine Optimization, which, also […]

google map search

Are You Utilizing Photos of Previous Projects?

If you’re not already providing potential customers with photos of previous jobs, you should start! Doing this will increase your credibility and give potential customers confidence in your work and ability. Here are a few quick tips on getting started: Take photos of every job you complete. Talk to your clients and kick it up […]

are you utilizing photos of previous jobs

4 Facebook Tips

Some of you already have a Facebook page. You may already get some likes on your posts from time to time, but maybe you’re not sure how to use Facebook to generate leads for yourself. With just a little time and effort you can use your Facebook page as an effective tool for reaching potential […]


How to Increase Referrals without Spending Any Money

A 2011 survey found that word of mouth recommendations from friends and family trump all forms of traditional paid advertising. To be specific, 92% of people who reported to the survey completely or somewhat trust recommendations from people they know. Referrals from satisfied clients are your very best advertising, and they are absolutely free. Word-of-mouth […]

4 Keyword Writing Tips for Your Website

Hello, dealers! This post is just part of our series of marketing tips for your websites. Stay tuned for more tips and advice! If you don’t have a website or haven’t revamped yours in a while, take a look at our last post Do You Have a Website? Using Keywords: The more words you have […]


What Are Keywords?

Keywords are one of the things search engines use when they are looking for websites to show in their search results. The keywords you choose to use in your website’s body copy, link text, headings and subheadings, description tag, and title tag can help or hinder your site’s chances of being found by search engines. […]