The Importance of Starting with a Sound Floor

It’s sad to say, but not every floor is a great candidate for an epoxy application. We’ve said it a million times, but I’m going to say it again here” MuscleGloss epoxy is only as strong as 1) the surface it is applied to, and 2) the bond between the epoxy and the floor. A […]


How to Repair Lifting Epoxy

To find out why your epoxy may be lifting, read our recent Installer Tip, 4 Causes of Epoxy Lifting and How to Prevent. If the epoxy is peeling in isolated areas, the cause is likely oil or grease stains. To repair the issue, first key the areas with a sharp utility knife or portable saw. […]


How to Clean Concrete with No Drain

MuscleGloss is currently working on a project located in a basement. The concrete is old and very dirty. There are no drains and no running water. We decided to use Extreme Clean and needed to figure out the best way to wash it off when we were done. Usually, it’s easiest to spray Extreme Clean […]

how to clean concrete with no drain

Why Starting with a Clean Floor is Important

We are always telling you that surface preparation is 90% of the work when you’re applying epoxy. It truly can make a difference between an application that will fail and one that will last for a long time. This is because MuscleGloss epoxy is only as strong as the bond adhering it to whatever surface […]


How to Create an Epoxy Checkerboard Pattern

If you have not came across this pattern yet, it is likely you will soon. The checkerboard pattern is a great way to transform a garage or basement space, and is gaining popularity among homeowners. Creating this pattern does take some extra effort and can be challenging, but the results are well worth it. Continue […]

how to create an epoxy checkerboard

Why Concrete Moisture Affects Epoxy Applications

As hard as concrete is, it is actually a very porous surface. Concrete naturally allows water vapor to pass through it. Water beneath slabs can migrate to the surface of concrete. Epoxy however is impermeable- it is not porous and does now allow water vapor to pass through it. Once applied and cured, epoxy makes […]

why concrete moisture affects epoxy

Easy Test for Concrete Moisture

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that moisture testing before any epoxy application is absolutely mandatory. So much can go wrong when a moisture issue is present! To find out more about what can happen read our recent posts, 4 Causes of Epoxy Lifting and How to Prevent and 5 Causes of Bubbling […]

easy test for concrete moisture

How Temperature and Humidity Affect Epoxy Working Time

Temperature and humidity affect the cure rate of our epoxy. Total cure time for MuscleGloss is 24 hours, and will not vary much depending on conditions. However, working time (the time you have to apply the epoxy before it begins to cure) will. Standard working time is 30 minutes. This is calculated for air temperatures […]

how temperature and humidity affect epoxy

How to Change the Color of an Epoxy Floor

There are a few reasons why you may want to simply change the color of an existing epoxy floor rather than completely redo the installation” we have seen it happen! If the existing floor is still in relatively good shape, it is more cost effective and time-saving to cover the old epoxy with new product. […]


4 Causes of Epoxy Lifting and How to Prevent

Peeling or flaking epoxy is never a good sign. When this happens, it is because the epoxy has failed to adhere to the surface of the floor. The coating may separate in small, isolated areas or across the entire floor. There are a few reasons why this happens: Chemicals present on the floor Chemicals such […]

4 causes of epoxy lifting

How to Apply a Skim Coat

Skim coating is a great application technique that can help you avoid application issues” such as bubbling” and get a little more coverage out of the epoxy. It is especially useful for concrete that is very porous or pitted. The skim coat help saves the epoxy by filling in pits and holes, and prevents bubbling […]