What Is the Mix Ratio if Not Using the Entire Kit?

What is the mix ratio if not using the entire kit? We do not recommend mixing the ratios yourself. We have premeasured them to make it easier for you, and because even a small variation in the mix ratio can affect how the epoxy cures. Whenever you chose to mix the epoxy yourself you are […]


Why Did MuscleGloss Start the Dealer Program?

The first question potential or new dealers ask us is often “why did you guys start the dealer program?” After months of planning, MuscleGloss started the dealer program last spring. Read our post Calling all Flooring Contractors. We considered both our needs as a business and the needs of our dealers when planning the program. […]

Should I Premix the Epoxy?

Should I premix the epoxy? Yes. We always recommend both Part A and B before combining the two parts. If your epoxy has not been stored, you probably will not have any problems if you skip this step. However, it is best to play it safe and always premix the epoxy. It is especially important […]


What Makes A Successful Application?

People spend hours researching the best possible floor coating for their home or business. Which is why the same amount of time should be spent on prep work, before the epoxy application (mainly the MuscleGloss application if your smart) is started. You can never spend too much time on prepping your floor for an epoxy […]

Can Temperature Affect my Application?

Can temperature affect my application? Yes. Extreme heat or cold will not affect MuscleGloss 100% Solids Epoxy after it has cured, but it will while it is curing. At high temperatures, the chemical reaction between Part A and B speeds up. This can drastically speed up your curing time, and the epoxy will likely quickly […]


Can You Change MuscleGloss’s Cure Time or Work Time?

Can You Change MuscleGloss’s Cure Time or Work Time? Yes. Remember, MuscleGloss’s total cure time is around 24 hours while standard working time is 30 minutes. This is an average and may vary slightly depending on the application conditions of your project. Depending on the nature of your project, we do have room to chemically […]


Can Humidity Affect My Application?

Can humidity affect my application? Yes. Humidity will not have an effect on a MuscleGloss 100% Solids Epoxy application once it has cured, but it can affect the epoxy while it is curing. High humidity will cause water to condense on the concrete, making a microscopic barrier between the epoxy and the concrete. Since MuscleGloss […]


MuscleGloss Colors

Perhaps the best aspect of the MuscleGloss are the vibrant colors that we manufacture on a daily basis. People who have had trouble in the past finding a good white, find that true white with MuscleGloss. This past year MuscleGloss sold more White then we ever have in the past. The White is an awesome […]

Why use epoxy Flooring?

It’s a common question, why use epoxy flooring, in particular why use the MuscleGloss Epoxy systems. The answers vary from person to person, some like the high gloss look that MuscleGloss will give your area. Others simply want the coating to make it easier to clean. And then others just want to protect the concrete. […]

Do I Need a Topcoat to Achieve Gloss?

Do you need a topcoat to achieve gloss? No. MuscleGloss is specifically formulated to be very high-gloss. There is nothing you can add to MuscleGloss to make it glossier. We do however, recommend adding a topcoat when addition strength, protection, and resistance is needed (for example in an Aircraft hangar). We also recommend using UV […]


What Surfaces Can MuscleGloss Be Applied to?

What surfaces can MuscleGloss be applied to? MuscleGloss 100% Solids Epoxy can be applied to more than just concrete. Our epoxy can be applied to wood, ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles and laminate. Depending on the application and what the surface may have been treated and/or coated with you will need to follow special procedures when […]