Tire Marks: Why Are They on My New Garage Floor?

Have you ever wondered why you find tire marks on your new garage floor? In the late 1940’s Michelin tire started to develop a replacement material to the natural rubber being used in the manufacturing process of the automotive tire.  By 1968 almost 80% of all automotive tires had some concentrate of SBR (styrene-butadiene). This […]

tire marks garage floor

Why Didn’t I Get the Listed Coverage?

  Epoxy coverages can be a tricky thing. One project will get great coverage while another project the next day will get less using the same color. Many factors can contribute to this – we call it annoyance (not necessarily a problem). Rough Concrete: While epoxy needs a rough surface to adhere to, it is […]


Should I Use a Prep Solution or Grinder to Prepare the Floor?

Should I use a prep solution or grinder to prepare the floor? Mechanical grinding methods are hands-down the best way to prepare a concrete floor for any epoxy application. They are best because they are able to profile the floor more aggressively than prep solutions. Three common grinding tools are shot blasters, scarifiers, and grinders. […]


Do You Have a Clear Coat for Wood Floors?

Do you have a clear coat for wood floors? Yes, we have a few products that can be used on untreated wood. A handful of our customers have had great results putting clear MuscleGloss Epoxy over wooden bar counter tops. The finished look is sharp. Muscle Shield does well on indoor wood floors and is […]

do you have a clear coat for wood floors

Can MuscleGloss Epoxy be Applied to Walls?

Can MuscleGloss epoxy be applied to walls? Yes, it certainly can! There are many reasons you may want to apply our epoxy to walls, but whatever the reason, our epoxy carries all the same protective benefits on walls as it does when applied to a floor. Thus, all the same application principles still apply. You […]

Does Changing the Mix Ratio Change the Cure Time?

Does changing the mix ratio change the cure time? NO! MuscleGloss is already premeasured for the correct mix ratio, and we do not recommend playing around with this because even a small change in the ratio could result in problems or total product failure. There are ways for us to alter the work time” the […]

Can You Apply MuscleGloss Epoxy to Tiles?

Can you apply MuscleGloss to vinyl and ceramic tiles? Yes, providing that the area is untreated and the surface has been cleaned and sanded prior to application you can apply MuscleGloss to both vinyl and ceramic tiles. Do you have a question for MuscleGloss? Please submit your question to We will answer right away. […]

can you apply muscle gloss to tiles

In What Situations Will MuscleGloss Not Adhere to a Concrete Floor?

In what situations would MuscleGloss not adhere to a concrete floor? Foreign substances saturated within the concrete will interfere with the bond between the floor and the epoxy. Existing coatings that aren’t adhering properly to the floor will cause the epoxy to not adhere to the floor. If our epoxy is placed over an existing […]

MuscleGloss in your home?

It’s an interesting question should I apply epoxy in my home? For over a decade epoxy has been popular in a garage or a basement, for even longer it has been common in the industrial market. But lately more and more people are applying it inside their home. Living rooms, kitchens, hallways and bathrooms, MuscleGloss […]

What Coverage Variations Can I Expect?

What coverage variations can I expect with MuscleGloss? Every project and floor will have different coverage rates. Our coverage rates are based on a new concrete floor at a specific application thickness. Depending on the condition of your floor and how thick you apply MuscleGloss, your coverage rate will vary from ours. Color will also […]

Can You Thin Epoxy?

Yes, you can thin epoxy. Many of our contractors have had good results adding a little Xylene to the epoxy. Do you have a question for MuscleGloss? Please submit your question to We will answer right away. If you are asking about a specific problem, please include pictures of the issue in your email. […]

can you thin epoxy

MuscleGloss on bar counter tops?

What a great idea! Applying MuscleGloss to a bar counter top is actually quite simple. It has been done a few times in the past and recently people are asking us more and more if it is an application that works. The answer is YES! We encourage people to try MuscleGloss on any type of […]