Progressive Waste Solutions

Progressive-Waste-Solutions-2FLOORING CONTRACTOR
Williams Epoxy Flooring

Progressive Waste Solutions
Leesville, Louisiana

MuscleGloss 100% Solids Epoxy

5,000 square feet

July, 2016

Progressive Waste is a local waste disposal company that has the contract to service over 30,000 homes and businesses in its surrounding area. They have over 30 garbage trucks that are serviced and maintained out of a modest shop that has been converted, remodeled and added on to the past 40 years.

Progressive-Waste-Solutions-1The existing floor at Progressive Waste solutions had many cracks and divots from years of abuse as well as oil and grease stains throughout. After seeing potential finished product photos of what MuscleGloss could look like in the facility and after hearing about impressive performance characteristics the owner of Progressive Waste Solutions, Mr. Smyth, was sold. He had previous experience with a water-based epoxy and knew he did not want to go that same route again.

Together, Mr. Smyth and Williams Epoxy Flooring brainstormed ideas about how to install MuscleGloss 100% Solids Epoxy without completely interrupting productivity in the shop. Since MuscleGloss has the capability to overlap seamlessly, they were able to divide the shop into sections to prep and install. They came up with a plan to split the facility into three sections that would most closely match the coverage area for a standard MuscleGloss kit.

During the week, the installers prepped the area, and on Saturday mornings the epoxy was spread. This allowed curing time until Monday and the shop could be operational again while the guys spent their spare time during the week to relocate tools and equipment to prep the next area to be covered.

The entire process took a leisurely four weeks to complete and there was very minimal impact on daily operations. Mr. Smyth of Progressive Waste Solutions was extremely satisfied with the final results along with the rest of the shop, so much so that their sister shop in Houma, Louisiana has already purchased a MuscleGloss Epoxy System.


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