Jolly Pumpkin

Jam Flooring

Jolly Pumpkin
Traverse City, Michigan

MuscleGloss 100% Solids Epoxy Coating & Glass Beads

6,000 square feet

June, 2016

Jolly Pumpkin is a restaurant, brewery and distillery found in multiple locations throughout Michigan. Specifically, the Jolly Pumpkin of Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan was looking to expand their brewery and distillery space with an addition of 6,000 square feet. Mike Hall, Partner and Master Distiller of Jolly Pumpkin, was looking for a flooring system that could resist acidic beer, cleaning materials and cider and was easy to keep clean.

Mike Hall_Jolly PumpkinMike commented, “We chose MuscleGloss because of the convenience and the ability to resist the materials that we use. Cement just doesn’t. If not, you spend a great deal of time chasing mold. As brewers, we’re just glorified janitors, constantly cleaning. To add the workload to yourself is just not worth it. You become a squeegee operator instead of a brewer because you spend more time squeegeeing than anything else. That’s the biggest reason for a good, sound floor. It’s like building on a solid foundation, you’ve got to do it right”.

Functionality was the most important goal of Jolly Pumpkin’s new floor, but look was a factor as well. Mike decided on a light gray epoxy color for the ability to spot dirt quickly. He said, “It stays clean, looks clean, it is clean, you know it’s clean”. Using a light color on the floor and walls also helps reflect as much light as possible preventing the growth of black mold.

Since the floor of a brewery is constantly wet, an anti-slip additive, Glass Beads, was used on the epoxy for just the right amount of slip-protection. This broadcast over the epoxy would not interfere with the cleaning as it creates a smooth anti-skid. Mike and Jolly Pumpkin were fully satisfied with their MuscleGloss 100% Solids Epoxy floor for their new brewery and distillery room.

Jolly Pumpkin Brewery Epoxy


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