Ice Cream Shop

blended-epoxy-marbleFLOORING CONTRACTOR
Creative Edge Construction

North Beach, Maryland

MuscleGloss 100% Solids Epoxy, MuscleDamp Patch, MuscleCoat & Glass Beads

1,300 square feet

December, 2016

blended-epoxy-marbleAn Ice Cream Shop was in need of a new flooring solution for their facility and came across MuscleGloss. Creative Edge Construction, contractors of MuscleGloss, took on the project. They visited the site to assess the needed products and address any questions or concerns of the customer. The current floor surface was an uneven plywood that needed patching in several areas. Creative Edge Construction used MuscleDamp Patch to level and repair certain areas of the floor, and new plywood was laid over other areas.

The customer was looking for a unique appearance for their Ice Cream Shop. After much discussion on available MuscleGloss systems, they chose a Blended system with a swirl pattern in Medium Gray and White Epoxy. The results were outstanding. The shop’s new environment really showcases how epoxy can be used and the lengths at which it can be applied.

The MuscleGloss Blended System is similar to the MuscleGloss Metallic System, except it is done without introducing a metallic pigment.


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