5 Reasons to Consider Polymer Flooring Systems

polymer flooring systemsSince the late 1990’s American homeowners have been converting garage and basement spaces into nicely decorated and usable spaces. What was once designed to be storage space has become one of the fastest-growing segments in residential construction. Here are five reasons to consider polymer flooring systems:


1. Improves Property Value

Like finished flooring within your home, a high-performance polymer flooring system from MuscleGloss will add direct value to your largest lifetime investment. Traditional options from solid color floors to new metallic-like finishes provide homeowners with unlimited design options, and a chance to create a unique finish.


2. Easy to Clean

Periodic sweeping and an occasional wash with a non-caustic cleaner will provide years of enjoyment. MuscleGloss provides inexpensive, easy to use and safe cleaning products.


3. Reduces Dust

Regular concrete, even if sealed can cause dust and dirt to be easily transferred into your home. Epoxy polymer flooring systems from MuscleGloss will virtually eliminate this.


4. Chemical Resistance

All MuscleGloss products and systems are designed to provide resistance to automotive fluids such as gasoline, hot tire pick-up, and even anti-freeze and brake fluids. Typical uncoated concrete will be attacked when exposed to these costing homeowner’s large money to make future repairs.


5. Green

All polymer systems and products sold by MuscleGloss are environmentally friendly. And unlike traditional flooring, such as carpet and tile, this type of flooring will never end up in a landfill….now that’s good for the environment!


Whether you are a homeowner who has always dreamed of a gorgeous garage floor showroom, a home-builder needing long-term solutions for your customers, a car dealer or auto shop needing that 21st century look, or even an airplane enthusiast looking to resurface an entire hangar, MuscleGloss products and our certified installers look forward to helping you. Please visit our website at www.musclegloss.com for more information.



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