5 Vital Keys to a Long-lasting Epoxy Garage Floor

There are 5 vital keys between a painted floor and a long-lasting epoxy masterpiece like those installed by MuscleGloss.

For decades now many homeowners have decided to turn their garages from a place to park vehicles and store items, to high-end workshops and man caves.

Whether you are looking for a complete garage makeover, or simply looking to increase your property value, having your garage floor properly coated is the answer.

prepare concrete for epoxyFirst, make sure you understand the proper methods to prepare your garage floor. Like most things the concrete poured in your garage is unique. Various aggregate and additives make concrete in Michigan and concrete in Florida two totally different substrates to work from. Sandpaper, acid watching and power washing are not acceptable methods of adequately preparing your concrete garage floor. Choose a contractor who will use the newest diamond technology to properly open up the pores to produce a super bond profile. If you’re not sure how to choose the right contractor, we can hook you up with an Authorized MuscleGloss Epoxy Installer.




concrete expansion jointsSecond, realize any control or expansion joints that were originally cut are there for a reason. Expansion and control joints are utilized to handle the expansion and contracting that concrete goes through. By making a place that is not as strong as the surface, the hopes are that when the concrete cracks, it is controlled in these areas below the surface. MuscleGloss will do a thorough inspection of all cracks and joints to make a repair recommendation to ensure a long-lasting epoxy floor.





long-lasting epoxyThird, select a system that is comprised of various products that will finish up at approximately 20-30 mils thick.  There are various products that when applied either contain water or solvent.  This means that they may be applied at one thickness, but when cured they are much thinner. MuscleGloss manufactures 100% solids products. This means our 25 mils cures at 25 mils.

Next is choosing the right top coat for your garage floor. Like the surface prep, selecting a top coat that will be resistant to common automotive fluids and hot tire pick up will insure long lasting results. Insist on a top coat that are U.V. tolerant and are resistant to hot-tire pick up. MuscleGloss installs top coats that are designed for automobile showrooms and aircraft hangars, providing your residential project, high-end industrial protection. We have the results!


Lastly, keep your floor properly cleaned. All flooring looks best when it is new. MuscleGloss provides customers the necessary cleaner and squeegee upon completion. An annual or semi-annual cleaning and rinse will keep your long-lasting epoxy floor looking brand new.


Please contact MuscleGloss if you have any questions, or would like to discuss your project.

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