You Need to Remove that Old Epoxy Paint

Working with a floor that has old epoxy on it can be a pain. However, if you’re going to install a new epoxy floor, you absolutely must completely remove the old floor first! Epoxy is only as strong as the surface it is adhered to. If you put new epoxy over an old floor, the new epoxy will adhere to the old floor rather than to the concrete. When the old floor peels up, the new epoxy will peel up with it.


Steps for Removing Old Epoxy:

  1. Apply a stripping solution. MuscleGloss offers Muscle Strip and Muscle Strip MCF (non-chlorinated formula).
  2. Allow the stripping solution to sit. 24 hours is around average.
  3. Check the status of removal. If the epoxy peels up easily, it’s ready. If not, the stripper solution needs to sit longer. You may even want to add more.
  4. When it’s ready, scrape up the old epoxy.
  5. Clean up the stripper solution with an oil absorbing clay.
  6. Wash the concrete.
  7. Etch the concrete with a floor grinder or scarifier. Grinding the floor will both remove any remaining epoxy and prepare the floor for the next application.

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