How to Choke an Epoxy Floor with Fleck

how to choke an epoxy floor with fleck

This technique produces a sharp, finished result. Choking with fleck means that you are going to put enough fleck on the floor so that none of the color below shows through.

Here is an overview of this simple technique:

  1. Apply the epoxy. Since the epoxy color is going to be hidden by the fleck it doesn’t matter which color you use.
  2. Immediately apply the fleck. You will want to cover the floor completely while the epoxy is still wet.
  3. Allow the epoxy to cure for 24 hours.
  4. Sweep away the fleck that did not stick to the floor.
  5. Apply a clear coat. We suggest using either clear MuscleGloss or our UV Top Coat. Don’t know if UV Top Coat is for your project? Read our recent post that explains when you should or should not use UV Top Coat here.

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