Should I Use a Prep Solution or Grinder to Prepare the Floor?



  • Should I use a prep solution or grinder to prepare the floor?
  • Mechanical grinding methods are hands-down the best way to prepare a concrete floor for any epoxy application. They are best because they are able to profile the floor more aggressively than prep solutions. Three common grinding tools are shot blasters, scarifiers, and grinders. These are all great options for roughing up the floor.

    Additionally, though Muscle Prep is safe and environmentally friendly, some are not. Muriatic Acid is commonly used, and is dangerous to handle and not safe to use around plants or metals.

    That being said, there are some situations where you may not be able to use mechanical grinding methods, such as, project areas where there are noise or power restrictions. In those situations, a prep solution is the next best thing.

    Remember, if you are able to use a grinding method for prep, do it! If not, then a prep solution will suffice.

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