Glitter Floor with Clear MuscleGloss Epoxy

Glitter epoxy floors are quickly gaining popularity. Depending on how you want your final results to look, there are a couple different ways to do a glitter epoxy application. This post will just cover one of those methods. Check back later for more on glitter epoxy!

Note that this method should only be used with clear epoxy. If you put glitter directly into the mix with a pigmented epoxy, you will not be able to see the glitter very well (the pigment will cover it up).

In the video, we used 5 ounces of fine (2 mil.) silver glitter with a 240 sq. ft. MuscleGloss epoxy kit.

  1. Add the glitter to just the Part A and mix.
  2. Once you’re happy with the way the glitter mixture looks, add Part B and mix as you would normally. We recommend doing it this way so that you do not lose any working time while you’re getting the amount of glitter in the mix right.

Remember, until you’ve actually tried it, you can only guess as to what the final results will look like. If you are able, I recommend experimenting with different colors, sizes and amounts of glitter in the epoxy on a small scale before trying this on a big project.

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