Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Referrals have always been an important part of the contractor business” they can and do make up a good deal of many businesses’ revenues. How much work do you think you would be getting if every client you have served over the past five years referred at least one new client once, or one new client per year?

The two biggest advantages of referrals are:

  • They require little to no marketing expense
  • The cycle can go on and on

Compared to the cost of buying print advertisements or paying for clicks online, word of mouth referrals are (in many cases) free.

The cycle can go on and on, with past clients referring new clients, new clients become past clients, and so on and so forth. That being said, the cycle does need some help from you. One of the biggest reasons past clients fail to bring you referrals is because they have forgotten about you, or at least you are not at the top of their mind. While you would like to think that your clients will always remember you, people forget about you if you’re not being kept in mind. Everyone is busy. If you want your past clients to remember you and send referrals your way, you need to reach out and get in touch with them.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure your clients are thinking about you:

  • Contact everyone you have worked for in the past. Call them, email, or visit in person if you have to. Check on your completed projects and see if your clients are still happy with them. They may even have some new work for you. Update their information, get their emails, or remove from your list anyone you find is no longer in the house you worked on.
  • Ask your past and current clients for referrals often. Don’t be shy about it! If they are happy with your work, there is nothing wrong with asking them to spread the word.
  • Try a mailing campaign. Send out postcards during and after projects.
  • Keep an up to date email list and send out a brief newsletter to stay in touch with past clients. There are many affordable and easy to use newsletter services available online.

In addition to keeping up with your past clients, here are a few more things you can do to help move the referral process along.

  • Get on social media and be as active as possible. Social media has become another way for people to interact with each other. Referrals that may have happened in person, now often happen online, via social media.
  • Introduce yourself to neighbors while you are working on projects. Other homeowners in the neighborhood are a great source of potential work. We have known some contractors who even pass out flyers around the neighborhoods they are working in.
  • Give an incentive for referrals. This can be in the form of any discount or gift that works for you. You’ll have to decide what works for your business.

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