Flooded Basement!!!

Recently I was at my buddies house and he was showing me damage in his basement from a recent flood. To make matters worse he had old tile down and it came up everyone along with the messy adhesive. To add insult to injury he told me he wanted to apply carpet to his basement. I’m thinking “are you nuts”, if the basement floods again you will have quite the mess! A flooded basement can be a nightmare to deal with especially if it goes a few days untreated like my buddy’s place did, since he was out-of-town when it happened.

MuscleGloss customers have confidence in our flooring systems for basement applications. Having an epoxy coating in your basement during a flood makes clean MUCH easier, there is no comparison to carpet or tile. Think of this, you would really want to get rid of the carpet if your basement flooded, now you have added another project on top of your cleaning project, wasting time and wasting money. MuscleGloss will clean up very easy using a wet vac and the surface will not be damaged in any way. You can also squeegee the water into a drain if available in your basement. It is worth the investment applying an epoxy floor coating in your basement alone, not to mention is looks awesome and is providing superb protection.

So if you are building a new home or in the market for a new house, think about applying epoxy to the basement, accidents happen and you want a flooring solution that can quickly solve your problem and not add to the frustration!

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