Muscle Strip Product Spotlight

Muscle Strip* is our fast-acting solution for removing cured paints, varnishes and epoxies from metal, concrete and wood surfaces. We offer Muscle Strip in two configurations:

Muscle Strip Liquid is recommended for soaking metal parts, tools and materials.

Muscle Strip Gel is thick and will stick on uneven or vertical surfaces. We recommend using Muscle Strip Gel on heavy equipment, machinery, tanks, etc.

muscle strip product spotlight

Here’s a little bit about the application process:

The amount of time you will need to leave Muscle Strip sitting will vary depending on the project and type of material you’re removing. You may need to let it sit overnight. To check the progress of the removal, check to see that the material is wrinkling. This is a sign that it is ready to come up. Test by scrapping up a little bit of the material. If it comes off easily, it’s ready to be completely scrapped up. If not, allow Muscle Strip to sit longer. You can also add more product at any time.

The easiest way to clean up once you’re done is to apply an oil absorbent (available at most hardware stores) over Muscle Strip and sweep it up. You can also pressure wash it away.

For projects where you cannot use our regular Muscle Strip, we also have a non-chlorinated version available on our website, Muscle Strip MCF.

*Interested in purchasing this product? Contact us!

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