How to Test for Concrete Moisture

how to test for concrete moisture

A couple weeks ago we did a post on the plastic sheet test for concrete moisture, read Easy Test for Concrete Moisture. As I said then, the plastic sheet test is cheap and easy, but it is not a definitive test for concrete moisture. A slab of concrete can pass the plastic sheet test and still have a moisture issue. Here are a couple of moisture tests that cost a little more, but will provide you with definitive answers:

Calcium-Chloride Moisture Test

This test works by measuring the moisture vapor emission rate of the surface of a concrete slab. Depending on the test kit you order, it should take about 3 days to complete the test. If the floor is emitting more than 3 pounds of water vapor per 1,000 square feet, you will need to first apply a proper moisture sealant before installing epoxy.

Situ Probe Test

This test works by measuring the relative humidity within a slab of concrete. It involves drilling a hole into the concrete and inserting an electronic probe. This test will also take about three days to complete.

Both tests are highly recommended and can be ordered online.

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