Motor Muscle Aerosol Product Spotlight

MuscleGloss’s Motor Muscle Aerosol*  is a degreaser for cleaning engines, industrial machinery and concrete surfaces. Motor Muscle’s thick foam clings to even vertical surfaces. Our product features a strong directional spray for getting into hard to reach places. Motor Muscle will self-indicate when it’s ready to be flushed clean. When it’s ready to be removed, the foam will breakdown and you will be able to see the dirt and grease that has been absorbed.

motor muscle aerosol product spotlight


  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Tar
  • Paint
  • Permanent maker

Cleans engines and machinery on

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Tractors
  • Boats
  • Bilges
  • Airplanes
  • Mowers
  • Plexiglass

Unique Features

  • Non-flammable spray
  • Environmentally safe
  • Will not fog or etch Plexiglass

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