How to Clean Concrete with No Drain

how to clean concrete with no drainMuscleGloss is currently working on a project located in a basement. The concrete is old and very dirty. There are no drains and no running water. We decided to use Extreme Clean and needed to figure out the best way to wash it off when we were done.

Usually, it’s easiest to spray Extreme Clean down with a hose and send it either outside the garage or down a drain. Since we do not have a drain or running water, we brought a couple of gallons of water with us. Once we were done scrubbing in the Extreme Clean, we poured the water over the floor. Then, we used squeegees to push the liquids into one area to mop it up. We found this is the best way to deal with cleaning up when you don’t have a drain. Mopping it up leaves all the dirt behind, while using a squeegee actually gets it up off the floor.

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