Are You Using Our Online Dealer Resources to Your Advantage?

We understand that being a contractor means you are on your feet most of the time rather than sitting at a desk, and that marketing efforts may be the last thing on your mind. Marketing does not have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of your time, though! We are here to help. MuscleGloss has many online resources available for you to take advantage of. Many of our marketing materials were actually made at the request of dealers just like you.
Available in Dealer Login
Several online resources are available in the Marketing Support section of our Dealer Login page.

  • MuscleGloss BrochureThis brochure is available as a PDF download. It is a great sales tool to hand out to potential clients. The brochure includes photos of all our epoxy colors and lists the advantages of using our epoxy. You can either print this brochure or email it as an attachment to potential clients.
  • MuscleGloss CatalogThis catalog contains photos and product information for our entire line of MuscleGloss solutions. Again, this catalog can either be printed or emailed as an attachment.
  • MuscleGloss Sales Presentation & MuscleGloss PowerPointThese materials were recently made by us at the request of one of our dealers. The Sales Presentation is in printable PDF form and lists features and benefits of using MuscleGloss 100% solids epoxy, and also includes comparisons with other floor covering types. Show this presentation to potential clients who may not have decided what kind of flooring solution they want. The MuscleGloss PowerPoint contains the same information, but is in downloadable PowerPoint format. Use this format if you would like to show the presentation on a projector.
  • Request Additional Marketing MaterialsAll of the above materials are also available to you in professionally printed form. Simply fill out the request for materials and someone will contact you. Also, feel free to write in any ideas you have for other resources we could offer.
  • Website Badges and BannersThese items are available for you to display on your website. The badge image will actually reflect what dealer level you are currently at. To add a badge or banner to your website, simply copy the code.

All of these materials are meant to be easy for you to access, print off, and go! To get started today, simply logon to the Dealer Page here.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or need help!

Would you like more information about MuscleGloss’s marketing support? Please submit your inquiries to or call (866) 258- 9500 to speak with a sales representative. Thanks!

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