MuscleGloss in your home?

It’s an interesting question should I apply epoxy in my home? For over a decade epoxy has been popular in a garage or a basement, for even longer it has been common in the industrial market. But lately more and more people are applying it inside their home. Living rooms, kitchens, hallways and bathrooms, MuscleGloss can go anywhere!

Applying epoxy to your home is actually a really good idea, it is easy to clean and to keep clean and depending on the color can really brighten up your home with vibrant colors and a glossy floor that is easy on the eyes. When, applying MuscleGloss specifically, there are no fumes, so there is no strong smell when applying the epoxy. This makes the application of MuscleGloss in your home even more ideal. Some people may to choose to apply rugs to certain area’s over the epoxy, which is fine. Others, enjoy just having an epoxy flooring throughout their home. So if you have been thinking about applying epoxy to every aspect of your home, but thought it was a crazy idea, think again! Because it is a brilliant idea and one that will continue to grow!

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