What Coverage Variations Can I Expect?

  • What coverage variations can I expect with MuscleGloss?
  • Every project and floor will have different coverage rates. Our coverage rates are based on a new concrete floor at a specific application thickness. Depending on the condition of your floor and how thick you apply MuscleGloss, your coverage rate will vary from ours. Color will also determine overall coverage rates. Generally, with the lighter colors (ie. beige, yellow, and white) you will need more product. The rougher your floor is the more epoxy you will need. We know, that sounds funny. We’re telling you to rough your floor up as much as you can. This is because the rougher your floor is the better our epoxy will adhere to your floor and the longer the finish will last. This could mean you may end up needing more epoxy; however you will have better results.

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