Do you have areas that are impossible to keep clean?

Many of you may have started your spring cleaning for your business or home and many of you have been smart enough to apply MuscleGloss to your floor to further keep your area clean. This is a great time of year to use our cleaner/degreaser Extreme Clean for all your cleaning needs. Extreme Clean uses cutting edge technology to produce the most powerful all-purpose, biodegradable emulsifier that will rapidly penetrate oils, grease and other solutions in your floors surface. Extreme Clean can be used in automatic floor scrubbers, power washers, mop/bucket and steam cleaning machines. Extreme Clean has been used time and time again and is one of MuscleGloss’s most popular products. Check out available sizes, prices & fragrances Let us know what areas you are looking to clean and what areas of your business that are a nightmare to keep clean, extreme clean is ready to help!

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