Are You Utilizing MuscleGloss’s Marketing Support for Dealers?

This is the first post of our Marketing Tips segment on the MuscleGloss Blog. We will be regularly posting marketing advice and tips. Check back here for additional marketing resources!

We often hear contractors say they don’t have time for marketing or that it’s too expensive. Marketing may not be the first cost you have in mind and can easily be overlooked.

However, marketing doesn’t have to take up all your time or cost a lot of money. At MuscleGloss, we help our authorized dealers grow their business by providing free marketing support. To find out what we currently offer, keep reading.

Lead Support
Our lead support is the foundation of the authorized dealer program. We receive residential, industrial, and commercial leads from MuscleGloss and Car Guys Flooring. When we receive leads, we pass them on to our authorized dealers. Our leads are 100% exclusive and are all passed on to our dealers.

Dealer Welcome Kits
Every dealer receives a welcome kit by mail. Our welcome kit contains the following marketing materials:

Epoxy Color Chip Samples

  • We send out two sets of epoxy color chip samples that have all our color and fleck options. One set is designed to be kept inside the dealer kit. The other key ring set is designed to be easily carried around. This allows you to show all available options and colors to potential clients, letting them see what the finished application will look like.

MuscleGloss Epoxy Brochures

  • We provide several full-color MuscleGloss epoxy brochures for handing out to potential clients. Our brochures include the benefits and features of MuscleGloss epoxy, available color options, and photos of finished applications.

Full Product Catalog

  • Our kit includes a full-color MuscleGloss catalog for our entire line of products. The catalog includes detailed product descriptions, photos, and all available product sizes. This catalog can be used to show to all potential clients, including those who are not just interested in epoxy or want more detailed technical information on MuscleGloss products.

Exclusive Dealer Member Web Content
We also provide marketing support on the MuscleGloss website. We have an exclusive dealer page that can only be accessed once registered. In the marketing section dealers can download PDFs of our full product catalog and MuscleGloss epoxy brochures. Dealers can also order additional materials through the page. We’re happy to provide as many as needed!

Logon to the Dealer Page here.

Would you like more information about MuscleGloss’s marketing support? Please submit your inquiries to or call (866) 258- 9500 to speak with a sales representative. Thanks!


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