What Are Keywords?


Keywords are one of the things search engines use when they are looking for websites to show in their search results. The keywords you choose to use in your website’s body copy, link text, headings and subheadings, description tag, and title tag can help or hinder your site’s chances of being found by search engines.

A good rule of thumb for determining what keywords to use is what keywords users are searching for on search engines. For example, a lot of people make the search “find epoxy installer” so those would be good keywords for you to use on your site.

Here is a list of all the places where you can use keywords on your site:

  • Body copy: Use keywords throughout the body copy of your site. Do not overdo it though! You will want to make sure your text still sounds natural and is engaging for readers.
  • Link text: Keywords within the text of links tell search engines what the page is about and also what the page that is being linked to is about.
  • Headings and subheadings: The titles of your pages and articles should be very specific as to what the copy below is going to be about. For example, “Schedule a Meeting with Us Today” is much better than “Find out More.”
  • Description tag: This is something that is located in the code of your website and tells search engines what the site page is about. If you write this part well, the search engine Google, will display your description tag on their search results page.
  • Title tag: This is also located in the code of your website. It is just what it sounds like it is–the title of a page.

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