New Floor for a Michigan Winery

new floor for a michigan winery

MuscleGloss recently paid a visit to the new Blue Water Winery in Lexington, MI. The winery is actually the old Lexington Town Hall and has been granted historical status by the state of Michigan. The structure was built in 1876 and the 1st two floors were owned by the village, the first floor being a fire hall and the second floor being an opera house. After over a century of use the Town Hall was not really used…until now. The building has been completely renovated and is now the very elegant Blue Water Winery.
The wood floor on the first floor is the original floor. The owner was looking to seal the floor and still show the rustic appearance of the wood floor. Muscle Shield was tested in a few areas and the results were stunning. Muscle Shield brought out the real color of the wood with blacks, red’s and blue’s. The floor surface had a great sealer but more important brought out the luster in that vintage floor.
Muscle Shield is applied as milky white at first and then dries clear with a nice sheen. The owner did not want a glossy plastic look that epoxy normally gives, so Muscle Shield is a great substitute. Muscle Shield is a silicone rubber, water base coating that is AWESOME for wood floors, concrete, brick, canvas and many other types of surfaces. It can be easily applied with a brush or roller and is used straight from the pail.
The winery is located in downtown Lexington on Main St. (M-25) just north of the light. Aside from the great looking floor, Blue Water Winery has excellent wines to choose from. This weekend is Thumb-fest in Lexington and is a great time to enjoy fine folk music, and great wine. Check it out if you find yourself in the area.